Magnetic Board Pro
Magnetic Board Pro
Magnetic Board Pro
Magnetic Board Pro
Magnetic Board Pro
Magnetic Board Pro

Magnetic Board Pro

  • Magnetic Board 24 inches x 14 inches 

  • 30 Magnetics 

  • Full-time access to Vision Board Online Course



Easy to Hang 

5 Video Tutorials

Vision Board Course

Vision Board
Course Included!

5 Extra Vision Board Activities 

Apply daily vision board strategies that make a huge impact!

Learn the Power of visualization

Learn how to turn your vision board into a goal achieving machine!

Insider Vision Board Tips

Stop feeling overwhelmed and start feeling confident about your living your best life!

Kick Procrastination to the Curb

Give your dreams the attention and intention they deserve!

Magnetic Board Pro

Here is what people have to say about our vision board course!

"The techniques I have learned from this vision board course have carried me through some big shifts this month! I’ve completed steps 1 and 2 and things are really really happening in my life that I never saw coming. I’ve had goosebumps for days!"

Nicole M

"These vision board strategies have helped me think bigger with my goals. I have had dreams and goals that have seemed too big or “out of reach” for me in the past. With their techniques I am now able to break them down into multiple goals and I am learning to get past my fears and the road blocks in my mind."

Brittany V

"This vision board course has been a great experience, i have been able to put my dreams into action that has made this year a positive on. Everything i have learned here work!...I love it!"

Mallory M

Get started TODAY!

The Magnetic Board Pro comes with everything you need to make your vision board work for you!

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