We also believe....

that being productive doesn’t have to be a grind. It can be simple, fun, and creative — as well as an ongoing source of joy and inspiration.

Chapter 1: A Tale of Two Sisters

Our story begins on Jackpine Ave in small-town Redmond, Oregon in the 1970s. It was a time of red shag carpets, endless summers, Friday night football, and Saturday morning parades. In this wild and weird era, sisters Kim and Kacie came of age under a can-do mother who was an early version of Martha Stewart and Marie Kondo. Her pioneering spirit was able to design an entire room around a single pillow and find creative solutions to whatever challenges life posed. She taught her daughters everything she knew about productivity and seeing the hidden possibilities in everyday life.

Chapter 2: Crafting Creative Lives

These early lessons provided Kim and Kacie with a blueprint for building thriving, efficient households and happy, productive families. Each sister went on to craft a unique life around her passion and strengths. Kim was always the organizing expert and a natural wordsmith, so she dove headfirst into lifestyle blogging. She launched the successful website Today’s Creative Life, an online treasure trove of recipes, DIY projects, organization and efficiency tips, and more. Kacie tapped into her natural leadership and knack for inspiring others to pursue a career in higher education organizational operations and life coaching. Equal parts blue-sky thinker and boots-on-the-ground doer, she is a pro at taking a vision and transforming it into an actionable goal.

Chapter 3: Three Generations of Bright Ideas

The duo became a trio with the addition of Alexa, Kacie’s motivated, marketing-maven, millennial daughter. Alexa inherited the creative genes that run in the family, producing beautiful and unique designs that appeal to modern tastes. She also keeps the ship on course when it comes to marketing and systems coordination. Together, the three form the heart, mind, and soul of JackPine Jones. They’re united by their passion for making the most of life with simple productivity tools that are practical, creative, and joyful.