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 for the best year ever?

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January 14, 2023

Hey Dreamer Vision Board Workshop

Are you ready to  manifest your dreams?

Odds are you just said "YES!"

Whether you're looking to improve relationships, switch careers, get confident with your goals or find more clarity in your life this workshop is for you!

Only 50 seats available!

Does this sound like you?

"I feel like my daily schedule is too busy to create intentional manifestation"

" I know my dreams but I haven't found a way to be consistent and stay motivated with my goals."

"I have some big dreams but i'm not getting closer to them. I worry that i'm going to keep losing time and not see the results I want"

" I want to figure out a way to actually feel like a natural goal achiever, instead up giving up on my goals."

Stop Feeling Overwhelmed!

It's no secret that getting clear on your dreams and staying consistent with your goals can feel like a grind! 

If you're anything like us we know what is like to feel stuck, lose motivated and ultimately giving up. 

We had to find a way to stay inspired every day and finally getting crystal clear with our goals. 

Then we found the vision board for the first time and within the first week we saw HUGE changes! 

To sum it up, vision boards gave us the wake up call we needed!

This could be you!

" I never knew that a vision board would be the answer to staying committed to my financial goals.... and it was fun!"

" After seeing inspiring images of dream homes and organized closets, I got motivated to organize my home without getting stressed about it. "

"Crazy to think that a vision board gave me what I needed and kicked me into planning my dream vacation.


Everything you need to discover your goals and make your dreams the new reality

By the End of The Hey Dreamer Workshop You'll Be Able to:

Learn how to make motivation your #1 habit

Put an end to spending time on goals that feel like a grind. With the right techniques you'll find instant inspiration that you need.

Instantly & dramatically gain clarity

Discovering some of your inner dreams isn't hard, it just takes the right tools to finally dive deep and confidently believe in yourself.

Joyfully turn your dreams into tangible goals

No more wondering HOW to give your goals the right attention each day. we'll show you how to find your dreams and create simple action steps.

Turn procrastination into productivity

Stop second guessing yourself and start creating major focus to drive your inner goal achieving genius. You'll learn how to create the ultimate daily routine that makes you unstoppable

What our time will look like together!

  • We will begin at 10:00 AM MST - 1:00PM MST
  • Game changing methods to give you the mindset shift to unlock the power of dreaming.
  • 4 bonuses included see below!
  • Enjoy delicious lunch!
  • How to personalize your daily actions using "The Day Genius Method."
  • Confidently create your vision board

Special Bonuses

Sign up today and get these extra's on the day of the workshop!

Vision board Images

On the day of the workshop you'll get images for health, wealth, personal growth, and relationships.

Magnetic Board

Get ready to make the best vision board with our favorite magnetic board! (Usually we sell this in one of our kits BUT we wanted to include this special gift!


You'll get a page of go to affirmations to put on your
vision board or take home!

Swag Bag

You ready for a packed swag bag to take home and remember this special day?

Goal setting Q & A

You'll get special time to ask anything about goal setting, vision boards or even manifestation!

Light lunch & snacks

During this vision board workshop lunch is served along with snacks and treats!


  • The #1 reason vision board is your golden ticket to success
  • How to leverage the power of  dreaming to create daily inspiration.
  • A game changing method to dig deep, and find hidden passions you might not have realized.
  • The biggest reason why new years resolutions don't drive results
  • Learn the 3 most important features to your vision board for the ultimate life changing experience.
  • Our #1 technique that gets you started and you'll never second guess yourself again!
  • Create a crazy amount of belief that turns your dreams on autopilot.
  • 3 of our signature untapped tools that will genuinely change your life.


  • 2 powerful exercises that will help you keep your motivation alive.
  • 3 juicy do's and don'ts for creating your best vision board.
  • The secret trick to turn your dreams into tangible goals
  • Feel the power of visualizing your end result
  • Confidently give your goals the intentional and attention they need.
  • A simple mindset fix that will create a strong belief system.


  • The missing ingredient you need to make daily actions easy 
  • Turn procrastination into productivity with "Day Genius Blueprint"
  • A list of Morning and Night routines to skyrocket your success
  • Learn our #1 technique that makes motivation an actual habit
  • How to create automated patterns that have you achieving without a second thought!

Imagine if...

  •  You got crystal clear with your career goals
  • Stayed consistent with your finances and bought that house you always wanted
  • You got the inspiration you needed to fully organize your home the way you've always wanted.
  • You planned that dream vacation you've been putting off!


“Literally the only thing carrying me through this month were the techniques I have learned from Kacie and Lex. ”


“I'm only halfway through the month and some of my biggest goals are happening that i NEVER saw coming! ”


“Vision boards created a belief system that I am so grateful for. From weight loss to now owning a home they have helped my dreams come true. ”


“Not only have I been able to discover some big goals, but i have been able to get consistent and see them through! ”


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